Request for help: 6.6.1 bugs

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Fri Feb 2 04:53:43 EST 2007

Hi Folks,

To give you a rough idea of how GHC activity is ramping up, take a look at the 
number of tickets assigned to recent milestones:

  6.4.2: 27  tickets
  6.6:   48  tickets
  6.6.1: 107 tickets (61 open)
  6.8:   134 tickets (117 open)

We're focussed on getting 6.6.1 out of the door at the moment.  We still have 61 
open tickets though, so this message is a plea for help: if you have some time 
to spare, and would like to help out, please get involved!

Here is a query that gives you the list of bugs milestoned for 6.6.1 with no 
current owner:

I've also listed the bugs at the end of this message.  Some of the bugs we've 
marked as low priority (blue background), those are the ones we consider would 
be "nice to fix" but not essential for 6.6.1 (some of these are quite easy, 

The protocol is, if you start working on a bug then claim it by setting yourself 
as the owner.  Other guidelines for working on GHC can be found here:

in particular see the section at the end of that page about use of the bug 
tracker.  If you need permission to modify tickets, please ask either myself or Ian.


open tickets for 6.6.1 with no owner:

742	Graphics.SOE runs very slowly under win32.	
804	Signal handlers always installed, evem in a DLL	
933	Separate compilation fails with existential records	
955	more object-code blow-up in ghc-6.6 vs. ghc-6.4.2 (both with optimization)	
957	No way to use -lgmp from a non-standard location	
970	GHCi crashes under Windows Millenium	
976	GHCi crashes on Windows 98	
987	X11: foreign declarations use Haskell types instead of C ones	
1010	ghci crashes when running out of heap.	
1014	Mangled module name in __stginit_Module symbol	
1025	-ddump-minimal-imports works wrongly	
1035	Win32 package doesn't appear in the online library docs	
1044	library docs on web have broken link	
1075	ghci unhandled exception on startup (memory access violation)	
1076	runhaskell crash with .hi/.o files in the directory	
1082	Documentation missing from MacOS PPC binary	
1093	Windows: haddock-html fields are wrong in package.conf	
1109	lockFile: fd out of range	
1110	Setting PATH needed in Windows Vista	
1128	The impossible happened, code commented	
604	Windows installer: use WiX	
609	Useful optimisation for set-cost-centre	
831	GHCi user interface bug	
839	Generate documentation for built-in types and primitve operations	
850	threaded RTS uses SIGALRM	
956	improving error messages #1	
998	Tab-completion of filenames does not work in GHCi 6.6	
1077	documentation error and omission	
1095	make boot under includes/ doesn't run make depend	
1096	More make boot / make depend problems	
1098	Broken link in the User's Guide	
1117	[2,4..10] is not a good list producer	
1119	openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file or directory) i386-unknown-linux	
629	IO library locking doesn't count readers	

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