External Core - my goal

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 18:11:39 EST 2007

Hi Tim

> I'm in the middle of a birthday party so I'll respond to the rest of
> this later,

Enjoy :-)

> but just a quick correction -- what I checked in isn't
> External Core, it's just, well, Internal Core -- compiling to Core
> using the API. Being able to read back in Core from an external file
> will take more effort, although I plan to work on it soon.

I don't care about the reading back in part, for this project. I can
always convert Internal Core to Yhc Core, which does have a well
defined external representation. I guess this makes plan 2 more
attractive, with the difference of converting Internal Core to Yhc
Core before writing out.



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