ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.8.2

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Tue Dec 18 05:18:45 EST 2007

Felix Martini wrote:
> On Dec 16, 2007 10:56 AM, Duncan Coutts wrote:
>> Note that for data files like the .ghci file it's probably better to use
>> getAppUserDataDirectory "ghci" which will return $HOME/.ghci on unix
>> systems and "C:/Documents And Settings/user/Application Data/ghci" on
>> Windows.
> I've added a proposal and a patch to Trac
> (

I'd like to suggest a slight change to this.  Currently we put the user 
package database in


so perhaps the GHCi startup file should be


To keep all the GHC-related settings together in <appdata>\ghc.

Additionally, I propose we make no changes to what happens on Unix, and no 
changes to getHomeDirectory.


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