Derived instances

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Fri Aug 31 06:36:01 EDT 2007


> I have just discovered Generics in Haskell and, writing some code with
> GHC, I wondered about the portability of my code.

If you use Data.Generics, your code is not portable - no other Haskell
implementation supports the necessary bits.

> I can use the -fgenerics to automatically derive instances for
> Something. But I could wish to have the generated source code for those
> instances (like, I suppose, the DrIft tool does), for instance, to
> compile my source with another compiler, which does not support Generics.

Use Derive, which does support Generics:

If you care about portability, and are not using some of the more
advanced features of Generics, then you might want to take a look at

Uniplate does generic traversals, but will work on all Haskell 98
compilers, to some degree - read the paper for exact details.



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