hyperlinked GHC v6.6 grammar (just syntax part)

Peter Hercek peter at syncad.com
Sun Aug 19 09:39:38 EDT 2007

Brandon Michael Moore wrote:
 > How hard is it to make another grammar? It would be very nice if parser
 > generators could make a page like this. Have you seen the program
 > BNFC (The BNF Converter)? It tries to generate some nicely-formatted
 > TeX documentation of the grammar, this could be even more useful.

It is not complicated provided that I have a nicely formated EBNF grammar
  to start with. I agree it would be great if parser generators do this,
  but there may not be enough interest and I do not have time to do it all
  myself. I can provide assistance and some code to start with though.
  Could be worth a license change too.
ANTLR generated a hyperlinked grammar description when generating a parser
  but it does not contain the backward links. When I contacted the authors
  there was not really an interest there.
I checked out the BNFC report. Looks interesting. Though, it was not clear
  from it whether one can generate hyperlinked html version of the grammar
  from the TeX source. Do you know it?

 > No worries there, if there's anything to be sorry about it's depriving
 > people not on ghc-users of such a nifty. If you really want to apologize
 > you could make another with the grammar of GHC Haskell :)

I added GHC v6.6 grammar. Only the syntax. Check http://www.hck.sk/users/peter/
  and the notes at the end of the grammar to see what was changed.


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