ANNOUNCE: Bamse 1.0

Sigbjorn Finne sof at
Thu Aug 16 23:48:36 EDT 2007

Galois is pleased to announce the first public release of Bamse,
a Windows Installer creator framework written in Haskell. Using
Bamse, you can easily create applications that let you build
Windows Installer (MSIs) for your project's product deliverables.

The tool was written quite a while ago (4-5 years) as an internal
tool at Galois to help the automated building of shippable bundles
for Windows platforms, but has also been used for GHC installers
since version 5.0.x (and other Haskell-related tools, interpreters
and packages.)

The source code + support package is available from

  - the source code is covered by a BSD license.
  - questions, bug reports to sof at / sof at (*)
  - If someone would like to adopt and extend the code to make
     it even more useful, feel free to dive in and hack. (Integrate
     it into the building of Cabal source and binary dists, perhaps..?)
  - If there's genuine interest, the code could be made available
    via a repo ( (*) being the main reason not to right now.)

(*) - I'm in the middle of moving to another tectonic plate, so e-mail
        responses might be slower than usual for the next couple
        of weeks.

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