Status of GHC runtime dependency on GNU multi precisionarithmetic library

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Thu Aug 16 04:06:06 EDT 2007

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> > It's less of an issue on Linux where libgmp is dynamically 
> linked but when 
> > thinking about using Haskell ghc for creating Windows apps 
> it is for me a 
> > real problem, because it would mean I'd have to distribute 
> the code for my 
> > app as a library along with the code as an executable, thus 
> doubling the 
> > download size for my apps as well as having to include a 
> license that has 
> > to explain to a possibly non-technical user that although 
> the program 
> > includes code that is libre/gratis free the program is not 
> itself free etc 
> > etc...
> Huh?  AFAIK the LGPL is only an issue for the commercial/proprietary
> users of Haskell; gratis/libre works would continue to be gratis/libre
> after linking with GMP.

I could be wrong, but I believe that Brian's intention is indeed to
release a commercial/proprietary app, hence it is possibly an issue for
him. I'm not sure about having to distribute the code for his app; I
thought the point of the LGPL license was to allow proprietary
(non-GPL?) apps to link to LGPL libs. Wouldn't he just have to
distribute the code for GMP? But then, I understand less about FSF
licensing than pretty much everyone else on this list, so I'll shut up

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