Visual Haskell will not Install with Visual Studio 2005, Express Edition

Seth Kurtzberg seth at
Sun Aug 12 19:34:25 EDT 2007

I was not aware of the Eclipse support, so thanks for that information.

However, Visual Haskell will not install on the full version of Visual
Studio 2005 either.

To make sure this was not an issue specific to my installation, I completely
wiped a disk, installed Windows, installed Visual Studio 2005, and then
attempted to install Visual Haskell.  A fatal error occurs near the end of
the install.

I don't have the error text in front of me, but I'll send an email tomorrow
when I'll have access to it.

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On Thu, 2007-07-26 at 23:51 -0700, Sean Johnson wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Is there some way to install Visual Haskell with VS2005, Express?
> Perhaps some workaround or hack?

I believe that free version of VS is specifically designed not to allow
any plugins, you have to pay for the the full version for that sadly.

As a free alternative, emacs and eclipse have Haskell modes and many
other editors have Haskell syntax highlighting.


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