Display problem with ghci (:e) and vim

Peter Ilberg peter.ilberg at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 10:14:27 EDT 2007


I've noticed an odd display problem with ghci and vim. The problem occurs 
with ghci-6.6 and vim-6 on Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Terminal.app and uxrvt in 
X11.app) and with ghci-6.2.2, ghci-6.6.1 and vim-7.0 on OpenBSD 4.1 (via 
PuTTY from Windows).

1 - Resize your terminal window to 40 lines.
2 - Start ghci.
3 - :set editor vim
4 - :edit File.hs (pick an existing file)

Vim doesn't display the file contents properly in the bottom half of my 
terminal window (it doesn't display parts of the file). But it does 
correctly display the : command line at the bottom of the screen.

Refreshing the display with Ctrl-L does not help. Infact, it makes things 
worse in some cases. Resizing the window with the mouse, or by typing 
resize, or by export LINES=40 does not help either.

I don't see this problem under any of these configurations if I use hugs 
instead of ghci.

Has anyone noticed this as well? Is there a workaround?
(other than using hugs)


-- Peter

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