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Cristian Perfumo cperfumo at
Mon Apr 30 09:50:27 EDT 2007

Hi again. Ok, we migrated our modifications to 6.6.1, compiled it on the
ia64 architecture and it worked :). Ian, thank you very much for your help.
Currently we're experiencing another problem: we are not able to use -Nx
option even though we compile our program with -threaded option.
Find the log at the end of this message (notice that -N doesn't appear as
one RTS available option).
Thank you very much in advance for the replies.
Cristian Perfumo

> ../../ghc-6.6.1/compiler/ghc-inplace ./Main.hs -threaded --make
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( ./Main.hs, ./Main.o )
Linking ./Main ...
> ./Main 100 16 1 +RTS -N5
unknown RTS option: -N5

Usage: <prog> <args> [+RTS <rtsopts> | -RTS <args>] ... --RTS <args>

   +RTS    Indicates run time system options follow
   -RTS    Indicates program arguments follow
  --RTS    Indicates that ALL subsequent arguments will be given to the
           program (including any of these RTS flags)

The following run time system options are available:

  -?       Prints this message and exits; the program is not executed

  -K<size> Sets the maximum stack size (default 8M)  Egs: -K32k   -K512k
  -k<size> Sets the initial thread stack size (default 1k)  Egs: -k4k   -k2m

  -A<size> Sets the minimum allocation area size (default 256k) Egs: -A1m
  -M<size> Sets the maximum heap size (default unlimited)  Egs: -M256k -M1G
  -H<size> Sets the minimum heap size (default 0M)   Egs: -H24m  -H1G
  -m<n>    Minimum % of heap which must be available (default 3%)
  -G<n>    Number of generations (default: 2)
  -T<n>    Number of steps in younger generations (default: 2)
  -c<n>    Auto-enable compaction of the oldest generation when live data is
           at least <n>% of the maximum heap size set with -M (default: 30%)
  -c       Enable compaction for all major collections
  -I<sec>  Perform full GC after <sec> idle time (default: 0.3, 0 == off)

  -t<file> One-line GC statistics  (default file: <program>.stat)
  -s<file> Summary  GC statistics  (with -Sstderr going to stderr)
  -S<file> Detailed GC statistics

  -Z       Don't squeeze out update frames on stack overflow
  -B       Sound the bell at the start of each garbage collection

  -C<secs>  Context-switch interval in seconds.
            0 or no argument means switch as often as possible.
            Default: 0.02 sec; resolution is set by -V below.
  -V<secs>  Master tick interval in seconds.
            This sets the resolution for -C and the profile timer -i.
            Default: 0.02 sec.

  -vs       Trace scheduler events (see also -Ds with -debug)
  -vt       Time-stamp trace messages

            Install signal handlers (default: yes)
  -e<size>  Size of spark pools (default 100)
  -e<n>     Maximum number of outstanding local sparks (default: 4096)

RTS options may also be specified using the GHCRTS environment variable.

Other RTS options may be available for programs compiled a different way.
The GHC User's Guide has full details.

On 4/29/07, Ian Lynagh <igloo at> wrote:
> Hi Cristian,
> On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 07:00:51PM +0200, Cristian Perfumo wrote:
> >
> > We've been trying to compile GHC 6.6 on ia64, and although we have
> > applied the patch on ,
> > we still get some mangler errors with "nop 0"s.
> As well as the patch attached to that bug report, there were a couple
> more patches for IA64 that went in recently. All the patches are in
> 6.6.1, so you might have more luck with that.
> Thanks
> Ian
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