FreeBSD/amd64 registerised running

Gregory Wright gwright at
Mon Apr 9 18:49:39 EDT 2007

Hi Ian,

On Apr 9, 2007, at 12:21 PM, Ian Lynagh wrote:
>> With this patch, we are pretty close.  However, there still seems  
>> to be
>> something wrong with the splitter.  I can make a working registerized
>> compiler if I set splitObjs=NO in, but it seems as if
>> whatever is
>> wrong with ghc-split shouldn't be too hard to fix.
>> I've glanced at ghc-split.lprl, but on what files is it invoked? Can
>> I run it from the command line on a file and see check what comes  
>> out?
> If you compile a module with
>     ghc -v -keep-tmp-files
> then you should see the commandline it is using, and it should  
> leave the
> files for you to examine, and rerun the commands on, afterwards.

I did this and immediately discovered that the problem is not with  
but with ghc-asm.  ".globl" directives are being deleted when they  
shouldn't be.

This is somewhat reminiscent of bug #1167, except that it seems to  
far more frequently on amd64.  Perhaps someone has an idea of the top
of their head for this one.  I wouldn't be surprised if the fix for  
this also
took care of the bug on the less loved linux-ppc platform.

Best Wishes.

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