Failed to load interface for `Prelude'

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Sun Apr 8 13:02:48 EDT 2007

On Sat, Apr 07, 2007 at 12:27:47PM +0200, Thorkil Naur wrote:
> 1. It would probably be useful to give us the exact version of ghc that you 
> are using and also the version you are building. (Sorry if you reported it 
> and I missed it, but I cannot find it right now.)


> 3. In #1195, igloo reports that he has included some code to provide 
> additional information in case of ignored errors (which seems involved here). 
> Some additional context that surrounds the first error report would therefore 
> also be useful, I guess.

Yes, if you are building a GHC which includes this patch then a full
build log would be useful.

> > == make all -r -f Makefile; in /Users/joelr/work/haskell/ghc/ 
> > libraries/ 
> > base-------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> > ----../../compiler/ghc-inplace -H32m -O2 -fglasgow-exts -cpp - 
> > Iinclude -"#include" HsBase.h -funbox-strict-fields -package-name   
> > base-2.0   -fgenerics -split-objs    -c GHC/Err.lhs-boot -o GHC/Err.o- 
> > boot  -ohi GHC/Err.hi-boot../../compiler/ghc-inplace -H32m -O2 - 
> > fglasgow-exts -cpp -Iinclude -"#include" HsBase.h -funbox-strict- 
> > fields -package-name  base-2.0   -fgenerics -split-objs    -c GHC/ 
> > PrimopWrappers.hs -o GHC/PrimopWrappers.o  -ohi GHC/ 
> > PrimopWrappers.higcc -O    -c System/CPUTime_hsc.c -o System/ 
> > CPUTime_hsc.ogcc -O    -c System/Time_hsc.c -o System/Time_hsc.o../../ 
> > compiler/ghc-inplace -H32m -O2 -fglasgow-exts -cpp -Iinclude  
> > -"#include" HsBase.h -funbox-strict-fields -package-name  base-2.0   - 
> > fgenerics -split-objs    -c GHC/Base.lhs -o GHC/Base.o  -ohi GHC/ 
> > Base.hi/tmp/ghc4826_0/ghc4826_0.split__178.s:unknown:missing indirect  
> > symbols for section (__TEXT,__symbol_stub)make[2]: *** [GHC/ 
> > PrimopWrappers.o] Error 1make[2]: ***

It's possible that this could be caused by a broken splitter, yes.

Adding -v -keep-tmp-files to the above commandline should help clarify
things, with the help of the command ouput and the intermediate file


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