ANNOUNCE: GHC 6.6 Release Candidate

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Fri Sep 1 06:03:09 EDT 2006

Only a week late, we are pleased to announce the Release Candidate phase for GHC 

	Snapshots beginning with 6.5.20060831 are release candidates for 6.6

Download snapshots from here:

Right now we have the source bundles:

Only the first of these is necessary.  The "extralibs" package contains various 
extra packages that we normally supply with GHC (and a couple of new ones) - 
unpack the extralibs tarball on top of the source tree to add them, they will be 
included in the build automatically.

There are also currently binary distributions for x86_64/Linux (Fedora Core 5), 
i386/Linux (RedHat 7(!)), and Windows.  More may appear later.

Please test as much as possible, bugs are much cheaper if we find them before 
the release!

Which brings me on to the release itself: we had planned to release before ICFP, 
but that only leaves just over a week, which isn't really enough time to test 
the RC thoroughly, so it's looking like the 6.6 release will happen after ICFP 
now.  In the meantime we have the RC to play with, so enjoy...


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