ghc-6.6 under sparc-sun-solaris

Christian Maeder maeder at
Wed Oct 18 07:03:58 EDT 2006

Duncan Coutts schrieb:
>> 1. Without "SplitObjs=NO" in mk/, will every file be compiled as
>> if -split-objs were on ghc's command line?
> Not "as if", the build system really does add -split-objs and does some
> other magic when "SplitObjs=NO" is not in mk/

My stage2 compiler (created without "SplitObjs=NO") works without any
further options. But as soon as I add -split-objs I also have to add

I wonder when -split-objs is in effect? Only during building? Or never
under solaris if not supplied explicitely?


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