ghc-6.6 under sparc-sun-solaris

Christian Maeder maeder at
Tue Oct 17 06:15:34 EDT 2006

Duncan Coutts schrieb:
>> So "ghc -split-objs" works now with either -optc-mcpu=v8 or
>> -opta-mcpu=v9 (or even -opta-mcpu=ultrasparc).
>> Where should I place what so that my stage1 inplace-compiler works
>> without "SplitObjs=NO" in mk/
> Try SRC_HC_OPTS = -optc-mcpu=ultrasparc -opta-mcpu=ultrasparc

With this I've produced a binary saying:
-bash-3.00$ ghc --version
ghc-6.6: schedule: re-entered unsafely.
   Perhaps a 'foreign import unsafe' should be 'safe'?

Two further questions:
1. Without "SplitObjs=NO" in mk/, will every file be compiled as
if -split-objs were on ghc's command line?

2. Will the options given in SRC_HC_OPTS be burned into the final stage2
compiler or will I have to supply these options explicitely again?

Thanks Christian

P.S. building under solaris requires over 2GB memory (and takes a day)

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