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Serge D. Mechveliani mechvel at
Mon Oct 16 06:23:36 EDT 2006

Concerning the laziness support problem,

I thank people for explanations about  foldl and foldr.

>> I wonder how to avoid these numerous cost pitfalls.
>> Maybe, the complier could do more optimization?

Duncan Coutts <duncan.coutts at>  writes

> There are important differences between foldl, foldl' and foldr. It is
> quite important to choose the right one. I don't think this can be done
> automatically.
> In my experience, the choice is almost always between foldl' and foldr.
> [..]

I do not see  foldl'  in the standard library.
Is it of the GHC lib extension?  has it strictness annotation?

> So as Lemmih says, in this case you want to use foldr:
> import List (union)
> main = let n = 10^4 :: Int
>        in
>        putStr
>        (shows (take 2 $ unionMany [[1 .. i] | i <- [1 .. n]]) "\n")
> unionMany = foldr union []

I see. Thank you.
I have impression that something is here besides the intuition for the 
foldl/foldr choice.

Here is a contrived example which is more close to my real situation.

import qualified Data.Set as Set (Set(..), empty, member, insert)
import List (union, find)

main = let  n = 10^6 :: Int  in  putStr (shows (g1 n) "\n")

f :: Int -> (Set.Set Int, [Int])
f    n   =  
  -- original version, I write so because it is easy to program
  foldl add (Set.empty, []) [[1 .. i] | i <- [1 .. n]]
  add (s, xs) ys =  (Set.insert (sum xs) s, union xs ys)

  {- attempt to optimize (fails)
  h (Set.empty, []) [[1 .. i] | i <- [1 .. n]]
  h (s, xs) []        = (s, xs)             
  h (s, xs) (ys: yss) = h (Set.insert (sum xs) s, union xs ys) yss

g1, g2 :: Int -> Bool         -- client functions

g1 n = case  snd $ f n  of  x: _ -> even x
                            _    -> False

g2 n = let (set, xs) = f n
       case  find (> 100) xs  of  Just x -> Set.member (2*x) set
                                  _      -> False

Evidently,  g1 n  must have the cost of  O(1).  
But in  ghc-6.6 -O,  it has O(n).

How to improve  f ?  I tried  foldr,  and failed.

The situation is so that some clients are as  g1,  and others are as  
g2, and, at least,  g1  must be O(1).


Serge Mechveliani
mechvel at

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