ghc-6.6 candidate Win32 installer

Sigbjorn Finne sof at
Fri Oct 13 19:05:49 EDT 2006

Hi there,

thanks very much for catching the omission of these packages. The
underlying libs aren't fully supported by current Mingw installs, but I
rummaged around a bit... (i.e., what I hope is the final 6.6 release
has now been uploaded and is now pointed to by the downloads

Afraid I have to disappoint you (again :-( ) wrt OpenAL/ALUT. A bit
too late, but _if_ there's a wider agreement that including a
package such as this would be generally useful, I'd be happy to
do something about it the next time around.

cabal-get + really ought to be the distribution
channel for not-quite(-yet?)-mainstream packages though.

Thanks again,

shelarcy wrote:
> Hi Sigjorn,
> On Thu, 12 Oct 2006 08:37:11 +0900, Sigbjorn Finne <sof at> wrote:
>> for Win32 users wanting the latest GHC goodness, a candidate
>> 6.6 installer is now available,
>> If anyone's willing to download it and kick the tires a bit,
>> that'd be great. If nothing too egregious shows up, I'm
>> planning to publish sometime tomorrow.
> Why this build doen't include some packages?
> It lacks some packages that were included 6.4.2.
> It doen't include GLUT and readline.
> I think you forgot copying header and library files
> to mingw directory.
> These filed are included in GHC 6.4.2's directory.
> And you can include OpenAL and ALUT package by these steps.
> 1. Download reealut Source ZIP, unpack it.
> 2. Copy AL header file directory that is
>     under include direcoty.
>    (Copy AL direcoty to mingw's include direcoty,
>     doen't copy AL direcoty header file. Because
>     packages' search header files in
>     AL/* or OpenAL/*.)
> 3. Generate libalut.a from alut.dll in lib direcoty,
>     and copy libalut.a to mingw's lib directory.
> 4. Download OpenAL 1.1 SDK and install it.
>     (OpenAL SDK installer says that you want to install
>      runtime? You must click to answer "Yes".)
> 5. Copy header files directory to mingw's AL direcotry.
>     It is made by 1.. Header files is in OpenAL SDK's directory.
>     (Default is C:\\Program Files\\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\\include .)
> 6. Generate lib*.a files from OpenAL32.dll and
>     wrap_oal.dll. Then copy mingw's lib direcoty. DLL
>     files are in WINNT\\system files directory.
> 4-6' Altanative option to use OpenAL library is
>       building OpenAL library by source. And then
>       copy your lib*.a and header files.
> I usually generate lib*.a from a.dll by pexport and
> dlltool following this document way.
> Now GHC 6.6 is released. So this is the good time
> to include OpenAL and ALUT packages in complete
> installer packages.
> (Other name is "sumo"/"omnibus"/ ... and so on.)
> If there is no option to use minimal and complete
> installer, people expect that package is complete
> one. And some people want to use complete package
> exactly.
> (And caball-install doesn't available now, too.)
> So I think these tack are very recommended.

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