ghc-6.6 candidate Win32 installer

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Thu Oct 12 02:40:07 EDT 2006

Hi Sigjorn,

On Thu, 12 Oct 2006 08:37:11 +0900, Sigbjorn Finne <sof at> wrote:
> for Win32 users wanting the latest GHC goodness, a candidate
> 6.6 installer is now available,
> If anyone's willing to download it and kick the tires a bit,
> that'd be great. If nothing too egregious shows up, I'm
> planning to publish sometime tomorrow.

Why this build doen't include some packages?
It lacks some packages that were included 6.4.2.

It doen't include GLUT and readline.
I think you forgot copying header and library files
to mingw directory.
These filed are included in GHC 6.4.2's directory.

And you can include OpenAL and ALUT package by these steps.

1. Download reealut Source ZIP, unpack it.
2. Copy AL header file directory that is
    under include direcoty.
   (Copy AL direcoty to mingw's include direcoty,
    doen't copy AL direcoty header file. Because
    packages' search header files in
    AL/* or OpenAL/*.)
3. Generate libalut.a from alut.dll in lib direcoty,
    and copy libalut.a to mingw's lib directory.
4. Download OpenAL 1.1 SDK and install it.
    (OpenAL SDK installer says that you want to install
     runtime? You must click to answer "Yes".)
5. Copy header files directory to mingw's AL direcotry.
    It is made by 1.. Header files is in OpenAL SDK's directory.
    (Default is C:\\Program Files\\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\\include .)
6. Generate lib*.a files from OpenAL32.dll and
    wrap_oal.dll. Then copy mingw's lib direcoty. DLL
    files are in WINNT\\system files directory.

4-6' Altanative option to use OpenAL library is
      building OpenAL library by source. And then
      copy your lib*.a and header files.

I usually generate lib*.a from a.dll by pexport and
dlltool following this document way.

Now GHC 6.6 is released. So this is the good time
to include OpenAL and ALUT packages in complete
installer packages.
(Other name is "sumo"/"omnibus"/ ... and so on.)

If there is no option to use minimal and complete
installer, people expect that package is complete
one. And some people want to use complete package
(And caball-install doesn't available now, too.)

So I think these tack are very recommended.

shelarcy <shelarcy>

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