Using GHC-as-a-library

Martin Grabmueller magr at
Thu Oct 5 07:43:04 EDT 2006

Hello all,

I've been playing around with GHC-as-a-library a bit now, and using
yesterday's snapshot of GHC (ghc-6.5.20061004, compiled from source),
I ran into the following problem:

When using the Haskell program at the end of this mail, it compiles
fine (after exposing the ghc package with ghc-pkg), but when running
it complains:

Main: Can't find package.conf as /usr/local/ghc/lib/ghc-6.5.20061004/driver/package.conf.inplace

So it seems to search for a package.conf file in the build tree instead
of an installed one.  Passing in the path to the build tree (commented out
in the program) to GHC.newSession works.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  There is probably only a small
fix necessary, but I have not yet been able to figure it out by myself.


module Main where

import qualified GHC
import DynFlags (defaultDynFlags)
import Outputable (ppr, showSDoc, text, (<+>), ($$), empty)
import BasicTypes

import Data.List

-- This should work, but compiler complains:
--   Main: Can't find package.conf as
--     /usr/local/ghc/lib/ghc-6.5.20061004/driver/package.conf.inplace
my_ghc_root = "/usr/local/ghc/lib/ghc-6.5.20061004"

-- This does work:
--my_ghc_root = "/home/misc/src/ghc-6.5.20061004"

main =  GHC.defaultErrorHandler defaultDynFlags $ do
        let ghcMode = GHC.JustTypecheck

        -- Create GHC session, passing GHC installation directory
        session <- GHC.newSession ghcMode (Just my_ghc_root)
        dflags0 <- GHC.getSessionDynFlags session
        GHC.defaultCleanupHandler dflags0 $ do
        GHC.setSessionDynFlags session dflags0
        putStrLn "New session defined"
        let testModule = (GHC.mkModuleName "Test")
        t <- GHC.guessTarget "Test.hs" Nothing
        GHC.setTargets session [t]
        ok <- GHC.load session GHC.LoadAllTargets
        if failed ok
           then putStrLn "Loading failed!"
           else putStrLn "Loading OK!"
        checked <- GHC.checkModule session testModule
        case checked of
          Nothing -> putStrLn "Couldn't check"
          Just (GHC.CheckedModule parsed renamed typechecked info) ->
              do putStrLn (showSDoc (ppr parsed))
                 putStrLn (showSDoc (ppr renamed))
                 putStrLn (showSDoc (ppr typechecked))
                 putStrLn (showSDoc
	          (case info of
	           Just cm | Just scope <- GHC.modInfoTopLevelScope cm ->
		               (local,global) = partition ((== testModule) . GHC.moduleName . GHC.nameModule) scope
			     (text "global names: " <+> ppr global) $$
		           (text "local  names: " <+> ppr local)
	           _ -> empty))

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