GHC on MacOS

Aaron Tomb atomb at
Mon Oct 2 22:49:55 EDT 2006


I have an Intel Mac laptop which isn't reliably accessible remotely,  
but which I'm happy to use to test and (hopefully) help fix GHC  
builds. I'm not positive that I'll have tons of available time, but I  
suspect I'll have enough to do at least some good.

Right now, I have the ghc-6.6 branch (as of 2006-10-01) built and  
running happily. Given a recent binary to bootstrap with, the  
standard configure/make/make install process just works. Everything  
I've tried to compile with it has worked, but there are a number of  
areas that I'm sure I haven't touched.

I went to the GHC Hackathon, so I have some idea of how GHC works  
internally at this point, and I'd love a chance to poke around and  
try to fix things as they come up.

Since I haven't come across any problems so far, does anyone else  
have experience they would like to share? Someone mentioned STM, but  
didn't say much. There are only three tickets in Trac that seem  
specific to OS X, though I may be missing something.

I'll run the test suite tonight and see how it fares.


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