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Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at
Sun Oct 1 07:43:27 EDT 2006

Hello Ian,

Tuesday, September 26, 2006, 3:10:02 AM, you wrote:

>> in GHC library paragraph - add a link to the API documentation. btw,
>> my download (
>> don't includes any library docs nor $(GHC)/doc/html/libraries/index.html
>> can you please fix this?

> I'll probably look into this as part of the move to buildbot. In the
> meantime, the most recent docs should be available at

i'm not exactly understood you - are you plan to do it before 6.6 will
be released? the problem is that ghc installation (at least, RC) don't
contain library docs, not that it is much problem for me personally

>> also, it will be great to use each library section heading as URL to
>> the docs of corresponding library:
>> [[url://libraries/base/index.html base]]

> We don't have this, do we? All the library docs are combined in
> libraries/index.html.

i mean that it will be easier to look at the changes if such links
will be added. of course, best is the enemy of good :)

>> "GHC.Exts now provides a function lazy which forces GHC to think that
>> its argument is lazy in its first argument. " - a copy-paste typo?

> Do you mean the double "argument"? If so, then no:

> In
>     lazy f
> f is "its argument", and f is lazy in f's "first argument". This is a
> pain to explain clearly and concisely. Is this better?:

>     GHC.Exts now provides a magic function /lazy/ such that GHC is
>     forced to think that /lazy f/ is lazy in its first argument.

yes, i don't understood it. and your explanation while more
readable, hides the fact that 'lazy f' is the same as 'f' whose first
argument made lazy (may be this explanation is good?)

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