FW: GHC API: Problems with implementing ":reload" for "ghc --make"

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 07:33:13 EST 2006

Ian Lynagh wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> Sorry for the delayed response.
>>My goal is to write a program GhcRemake that works like "ghc --make."
>>However, instead of terminating after compilation is done, I want the
>>program to stay open and wait for me to hit <ENTER>. When I hit
>><ENTER>, GhcRemake rebuilds the project, just as if I had called "ghc
>>--make" again with the same arguments. The benefit of such a program
>>is that GhcRemake should be able to cache a lot of data in memory
>>between invocations and hopefully be able to do the subsequent
>>re-makes much faster.
> Nice idea!

BTW, when I get around to addressing #276


then you'll be able to compile to object code inside GHCi, so to do you what you 
want above you would just fire up GHCi and type :r to recompile each time.  GHCi 
will cache the interface files between recompilations.


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