OpengGL lockup using GHC 6.6 on Intel Mac

Joe Jones darkdescendant at
Wed Nov 29 13:29:23 EST 2006

I just installed ghc 6.6 from MacPorts and am trying to use the
Haskell ported NeHe OpenGL lessons to play with OpenGL. Unfortunately,
when I load the lesson in ghci and then run main the screen turns to
garbage and I am forced to power cycle the machine to get back to my

It's not a complete lockup as I an Alt-Tab between apps and the
selector UI appears. Selecting an app, though, does nothing and I have
no access to the desktop.

Anyone know of any issues with the current HOpenGL on Intel?

The code comes from this link:

Don't worry about darcs. You can select the URL for the repo and get
the code directly form there.


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