Request for testing help from ghc-6.6 users on Win9x

Sigbjorn Finne sof at
Tue Nov 21 14:28:41 EST 2006


a couple of users have been reporting problems with ghc-6.6
on the line of OS editions that reached its pinnacle as Windows ME,
in particular when invoking GHCi.

An alleged fix is available, but we'd really appreciate if it could be 
more widely before declaring victory (and push the changes into the
next GHC release). To try it out, download
and unpack its contents on top of the bin/ directory of your ghc-6.6 
[To avoid any irreversible damage, you may very well want to move the
original bin/ghc.exe out of the way first. ]

If you could ping me with a yay/nay on whether that GHCi usage, that'd
be very helpful.


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