runtime fusion for Data.ByteString.cons ?

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Mon Nov 20 10:09:43 EST 2006

>> > Of course, you can also use stream-based ByteStrings right now, you just
>> > have to remove the Data.ByteString* dirs from base before you build, and
>> > then install the unstable fps branch via Cabal.
>> great! i think that inclusion of fps into base was mistake, and now
>> you should understand why
> On the other hand it means that we can make other things in base take
> advantage of Data.ByteString (or Data.PackedString when that becomes
> available)

but the current situation sits uneasily between two workable approaches:

1 Data.ByteString evolves independent of main libs:
    - it should be in its own package, easily updateable
    - base could still depend on that package

2 Data.ByteString is part of base
    - the main darcs repository should have the latest version
    - just as the rest of the repository, development versions 
        between releases might be unstable


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