Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 18:04:09 EST 2006


> Anyway, you say you are working on a command line interface - OK, but
> I think the current situation is just a bit embarrassing, and I have
> something that works now. I can access all Perl documentation with
> 'man', and that is very convenient. It is just two words, e.g.:

Fair enough, you are certainly welcome to "compete" with Hoogle :) It
might even persuade me to get the Hoogle thing done faster (although I
did go and release a command line version today)

> - be usable from the command line, and with tab completion (i.e. users
> shouldn't have to enter an interactive loop like ghci)

I think it should do both.

> - be able to show the haddock documentation for a given function (the
> most common usage) in one step (i.e. not 2 steps as with the hoogle
> web interface).

Hoogle 4 does this to some degree. I can certainly add a flag that
makes it more encouraged to show some documentation even when there
are multiple matches.



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