moving to ghc-6.6

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Nov 2 08:51:37 EST 2006


Thanks for the summary.  Concerning some specific points:

| when "ghc --make" finds a source file that starts wrongly
| (e. g. "modul Foo" instead of "module Foo")
| (might occur from unobserved CVS merge conflicts) it just says
| <no location info>: file name does not match module name `Main'
| and it is quite impossible to find out which file is to blame

That is terrible.  I have fixed it.

| In some places I found it convenient to write type decls like
|     foo ( x :: a ) ( y :: [ b ] ) = ...
| because this gave me at least some kind of documentation
| while I was too lazy to figure out all the type class requirements

Yes, this whole scoped type variable thing is far from settled.

| the "coverage condition not satisfied" error message
| (with functional dependencies) should include a hint
| that  "-fallow-undecidable-instances"  might help.

Good idea. I've done that.

| library changes:
| Network.CGI is new, but we have Network.CGI.Compat.
| Which however refers to Text.XHtml, not Text.Html,
| so I had to change these imports as well.

Ian: should we update the release notes abou this?


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