package net question

jur jur at
Thu May 11 01:51:56 EDT 2006


I've been building the head and in my adaptation i need package net.
I added this to the SRC_HC_OPTS, which made at least the haskell  
compile to hi/o.
But when the ghc-6.5 compiler is built I get the complaint that ghc- 
inplace does not
have this package. Funny thing is that when I omit the -package net  
option, it does compile.
What is the cause of all this? Must I reconfigure and build? Is there  
something else I am missing?
I can imagine that it is determined from the SRC_HC_OPTS which  
packages must be built
for ghc-inplace, but maybe there is a different reason.

Note that I did not do a rebuild (and I would like to avoid  
reconfiguring and building since it takes ages on my
machine). And before I do it, it would be nice to know that this  
solves the not overly large problem.

So, can anyone tell me?


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