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Allen Brown allenbr at
Tue May 9 13:46:02 EDT 2006

I have just installed Visual Haskell as per the instructions at I do not see Visual Haskell among the
supported languages on the splash screen. On the other hand, there is a
"Haskell Projects" folder under the new projects that can be created and the
Visual Haskell documentation is apparent under the documentation tree rooted
at "Visual Haskell Help Collection". Finally, if I try to create either a
console project or a library project, the respective pop-up error messages

The application for project 'C:\Program Files\Visual
Haskell\Templates\Projects\Console Application.cabal is not installed.
Make sure the application for the project type (.cabal) is installed.

The application for project 'C:\Program Files\Visual
Haskell\Templates\Projects\Library Package.cabal is not installed.
Make sure the application for the project type (.cabal) is installed.

ensue. I gather from all of the above that the installation must be
incomplete in some fashion. I should also point out 3 (possibly relevant)
things about my environment:


	I am running both Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio .Net 2003
(the academic version).

	I do not have the Visual Studio .Net 2003 documentation installed.
(I reinstalled VS .Net 2003 for the sole purpose of running Visual Haskell.
So I deemed the documentation unnecessary. In this aspect the installation
is incomplete.)

	I am running standalone versions of both GHC 6.4 and 6.5.

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