Failure building HEAD in libraries/base/Data/ByteString.hs

Reilly Hayes rfh at
Mon May 8 12:38:06 EDT 2006

I get the following error when trying to bootstrap the 6.5.20060506  
snapshot from hc files (registerised):

gcc -x c Data/ByteString.hc -o Data/ByteString.raw_s -S -O  -fno- 
defer-pop -fomi
t-frame-pointer  -mdynamic-no-pic  -DDONT_WANT_WIN32_DLL_SUPPORT - 
c -D__GLASGOW_HASKELL__=605  -O -mdynamic-no-pic -I/Users/rfh/haskell/ 
5.20060506/includes -I/Users/rfh/haskell/mac/ghc-6.5.20060506/ 
lude -I/Users/rfh/haskell/mac/ghc-6.5.20060506/libraries/unix/include  
fh/haskell/mac/ghc-6.5.20060506/libraries/parsec/include     -I.   
`echo  | sed '
Data/ByteString.hc: In function 'DataziByteString_zdwccall_entry':
Data/ByteString.hc:8631: error: unable to find a register to spill in  
class 'DIR
Data/ByteString.hc:8631: error: this is the insn:
(insn 22 45 23 0 (parallel [
             (set (reg:SI 2 cx [64])
                 (unspec:SI [
                         (mem:BLK (reg:SI 1 dx [orig:66 _cdHE ] [66])  
[0 A8])
                         (reg:QI 0 ax [68])
                         (const_int 1 [0x1])
                         (reg:SI 2 cx [67])
                     ] 20))
             (use (reg:SI 19 dirflag))
             (clobber (reg:SI 1 dx [orig:66 _cdHE ] [66]))
             (clobber (reg:CC 17 flags))
         ]) 479 {*strlenqi_1} (insn_list:REG_DEP_TRUE 18  
19 (insn_list:REG_DEP_TRUE 20 (insn_list:REG_DEP_TRUE 21 (nil)))))
     (expr_list:REG_UNUSED (reg:CC 17 flags)
         (expr_list:REG_UNUSED (reg:SI 1 dx [orig:66 _cdHE ] [66])
             (expr_list:REG_DEAD (reg:SI 19 dirflag)
                 (expr_list:REG_DEAD (reg:SI 2 cx [67])
                     (expr_list:REG_DEAD (reg:QI 0 ax [68])
                         (expr_list:REG_DEAD (reg:SI 1 dx [orig:66  
_cdHE ] [66])
                             (expr_list:REG_UNUSED (reg:CC 17 flags)
                                 (expr_list:REG_UNUSED (reg:SI 1 dx  
[orig:66 _cdH
E ] [66])
Data/ByteString.hc:8631: confused by earlier errors, bailing out
make[1]: *** [Data/ByteString.raw_s] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 1

I am insufficiently experienced with the build process to know if  
this was from an error in creating the .hc file or a problem with the  
source.  I have noticed that the file ByteString.hs seems to be new.

I am building the .hc files on 386 linux (Ubuntu breezy badger):
	linux kernel  2.6.12
	ghc-6.5.20060502 is installed
	gcc is 4.0.2

I am using the registerised .hc files to bootstrap to Max OS X x86
	Mac OS X 10.4.6
	no ghc installed
	gcc is 4.0.1 (as included in Xcode)

Reilly Hayes

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