GHC 6.4.2 release candidates

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Thu Mar 30 09:47:38 EST 2006

Duncan Coutts wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-03-28 at 12:34 +0100, Simon Marlow wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>We're finally in release-candidate mode for 6.4.2.  Please grab a
>>snapshot and try it out:
>>(scroll to the bottom for the latest).  The available builds are:
>>x86_64-unknown-linux (Fedora Core 5), i386-unknown-linux (glibc 2.3
>>era), and Windows (i386-unknown-mingw32).  
>>There's a source snapshot if you want to build yourself - please try
>>this if you can, we need to make sure the source bundle builds cleanly.
> One thing that Don, Ian and I were discussing was having a tarball of
> the testsuite and nofib performance suite to go along with the official
> 6.4.2 release. This would make it easier for us to be consistent. Having
> the testsuite go with the ghc release will mean we can be sure about
> which tests we expect to fail on x86/amd64 and we can use that as a
> comparison for the other arch ports.
> If we could get a tarball of the testsuite out before the release then
> we can send in our results for various arches and that could be included
> into the know failures files for the testsuite that goes official
> release. It'd give us a better sense of the state of things on each
> arch. Perhaps we could record testsuite results for different arches on
> the ghc wiki somewhere.

This is a good idea.  I'm just clearling up the last of the current 
failures, and I'll make the tarball.


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