Message "GHC/PrimopWrappers.hs:133:29: Not in scope: `GHC.Prim.quotInteger2Exp#'" building GHC with additional primitive operation

Thorkil Naur naur at
Tue Mar 28 17:15:05 EST 2006

On Monday 27 March 2006 16:33, Bulat Ziganshin wrote:
> Thorkil, i can't understand why you can't just use FFI to import
> functions you required? why you need to patch the PrimOps list?

As I wrote earlier, using FFI is also a candidate for getting access to 
additional GMP functions. However, presently, I am not aware of a method of 
doing this that does not involve some potentially significant additional 
overhead. After all, Haskell Integers are not directly supported in C, so 
some sort of marshalling and/or intricate access to internal GHC Haskell 
structures would seem to be required.

But, as you have perhaps seen (my reply to Simon Marlow a few minutes ago on 
the same matter), adding primitive operations turned out to be easy (at least 
if you know exactly what you are doing). In addition, I have found that this 
method with very little effort allows me to continue to write code that can 
be used both via Hugs and GHC without change.

Thanks and regards

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