Getting GHC to print "Done" when it's finished linking?

Brian Hulley brianh at
Tue Mar 7 13:45:52 EST 2006

Hi -
I've set up my Visual Studio environment so that ghc is an external tool, 
where the output from ghc appears on the VS output pane. However when I use 
this to compile and link a Haskell program (I'm just using the plain text 
editor that comes with VC++ not the Haskell plugin because of its 
unfortunate MS-restricted-use licence...) the last thing ghc prints is:

Linking ...

but when it's finished nothing else is printed out, with the net result that 
I sit and wait forever! :-)

Is there any flag to get ghc or the ghc linker to print "Done" or something 
when it's finished?

Thanks, Brian. 

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