ghc on on macbook pro (fwd)

Wolfgang Thaller wolfgang.thaller at
Sun Mar 5 00:14:56 EST 2006

On 4-Mar-06, at 3:33 PM, Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:

>     I don't have MacOS X Intel handy to verify, but I was under the  
> impression that Rosetta was only automagically invoked by the  
> operating system on application bundles.  However, there is a  
> dearth of information regarding this point on the web, so I could  
> be wrong.

Fortunately, you are :-). It's automagically invoked by the kernel's  
executable loader whenever any Mach-O binary is loaded that only has  
ppc code.
You're right about the lack of (easily available) information though.  
A friend of mine was at the conference when they announced the  
switch, so I just asked him to try it out; I have found no place on  
the web that spells it out.



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