GHC 6.4.1 and Win32 DLLs: Bug in shutdownHaskell?

Michael Marte marte at
Fri Mar 3 09:06:23 EST 2006


I know the Haskell Wiki page you pointed to; it does not answer my 
specific questions.

The decision which compiler to use is not up to me and, as the Wiki page 
points out, there is no other way to use Haskell modules from within a 
Visual Studio C++ compiled application than via a DLL:

"The Windows distribution of GHC comes bundled with the GCC compiler, 
which is used as backend. That's why linking Haskell with Visual C++ is 
no different from linking GCC-generated code with the code generated by 
Visual C++.

One cannot statically link together object files produced by those two 
compilers, but they can be linked dynamically: an executable produced by 
Visual C++ can invoke a DLL produced by GCC, and vice versa."


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