GHC 6.4.1 crash on Windows XP

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Mar 1 07:01:19 EST 2006

Can you tell which process is crashing?  Is it the GHC process that is
interpreting Setup.hs, or the process invoked by Setup.hs to build the

One thing you could try is compiling Setup.hs to a binary, and running
that instead.

Also, if you could run Setup like this and send us the output:

  $ ./setup build -v

(or the runhaskell version, if that's the only one that crashes)


On 28 February 2006 10:57, Cyril Schmidt wrote:

> Simon Marlow wrote:
>> Does it always crash in the same way?
> Yes, as far as I can see. Unfortunately, most of the context is
> already lost when the error message pops up. The error code is
> always the same.
>> Can you fire up GHCi and perform a small evaluation or two?
> Yes, this works just fine.
>> Can you compile small programs, do they run?
> Also works fine.
>> Please send us the complete output from commands that crash: eg. add
>> -v to the build command above. 
> I attach the stderr and stdout from
> runhaskell -v5 Setup.hs build
> I could also send the sources of the package being compiled, but I do
> not think they are relevant here: it crashes on *any* package.
> BTW, I had installed Cabal-1-1.3, but it did not help, so I reverted
> to the version of Cabal that came with the compiler.
> It is strange that the same version of GHC works fine on my PC and
> breaks on that of my colleague. To the best of my knowledge, these
> two PCs are not different from each other in any special way. I did
> have some strange crashes on my PC as well, but these were cured by
> upgrading from 6.4 to 
> 6.4.1.
> Cheers,
> Cyril
>> Cyril Schmidt wrote:
>>> A freshly installed GHC 6.4.1 on my colleague's PC crashes when I
>>> try to build a package: 
>>> runhaskell Setup.hs build
>>> The effect is easily reproduceable (it shows up on *any* package
>>> that I try to build). 
>>> Does anyone have any idea of what might be wrong here?

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