Replacement for GMP as Bignum: ARPREC? Haskell?; OS-X and OpenSSL

Brian Hulley brianh at
Sun Jul 30 12:33:29 EDT 2006

p.tanski at wrote:
> Brian,
> The standard method of skirting the LGPL restriction and saving your
> source code is to link dynamically in a separate step and then
> distribute your program along with the dynamically linked LGPL'd
> library.  Compile with ghc -c (or with ghc -c -odir 'separate
> directory where you want to store the object files') and pass specific
> lines to the linker through gcc with -optc.  Then link the object
> files for your program separately using ld and distribute the ghc
> runtime libraries you need to dynamically link along with your
> program.  Some of these runtime libraries are big but on average
> libHSrts_dyn, libHSbase_dyn and libHSbase_cbits_dyn do the trick (I
> have needed cbits up for programs that use -ffi).

Hi -
I think the main problem here is that I'm using Windows, so there is no way 
to dynamically link with the runtime libraries - the GHC implementations 
available for Windows only produce statically linked executables.

Perhaps Windows support was just an afterthought from the main development 
of GHC on Unix, but I think it's quite a serious nusiance that the GHC 
runtime incorporates LGPL'd components in the light of the absence of the 
facility to dynamically link with it on this platform.

Regards, Brian.
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