Rebuilding GHC on Mac OSX PPC

p.tanski at p.tanski at
Sun Jul 30 00:29:43 EDT 2006

Sorry to flood your mailboxes with my junk, but I had a few questions
on the configuration and Makefiles for building GHC on OS 10.4:

The odd memory bugs (wierd malloc errors) seem to remind me of errors
using pthreads...

in Joel Reymont's email, I noticed that ghc is given the -threaded option:

../../ghc/compiler/stage1/ghc-inplace -o stage2/ghc-6.4.3 ...
... -threaded     -package readline -DUSE_READLINE -

I have not had any luck using -threaded with GHC on my own programs,
but I do not know what options GHC passes to gcc with -threaded.  If
GHC -threaded means it passes gcc
the -pthread option when compiling -fvia-C, the problem might be that
Apple's gcc does not recognize the -pthread flag (you have to link
-lpthread manually, preferably after the object files).

If I can get the configuration correct--or whatever parameters you
think you might want--I will get a clean distribution and try to build
ghc-6.4.3 tomorrow (I am using a 1.25 MHz PPC).

-Peter Tanski

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