Internships on GHC and Haskell at MSR Cambridge

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Tue Jul 25 05:55:33 EDT 2006

Gentle Haskellers

Would you be interested in working for three months at Microsoft
Research, Cambridge, on a project related to GHC or Haskell?

MSR Cambridge now takes interns *year-round*, not just in the summer
months.  Simon Marlow and I are keen to attract motivated and
well-qualified folk to work with us on our research, and on improving or
developing GHC.

If you or one of your students is interested, you can find more details

Our next empty slot is the Oct-Dec period, but you are welcome to apply
for some later period.

Simon PJ

PS: There are lots of other programming-language folk at MSR (F#,
security, probabilistic languages...), and stuff beyond that (machine
learning, systems and networks...); see

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