STM check operation

S Koray Can skoraycan at
Wed Jul 12 22:13:16 EDT 2006

Rodney D Price wrote:
> I've been reading the STM papers on Simon PJ's website, but I find that
> the GHC I'm using (6.5) changes a few things from the paper's  
> descriptions.
> For instance, "atomic" becomes "atomically" and "catch" becomes  
> "catchSTM".
> I can't, however, find "throw", and the type signature of "check" has  
> changed.
> The GHC documentation isn't much help.  Is there a discussion,  perhaps in
> a mailing list archive somewhere, that will shed some light on these  
> changes?

I had the same question about check's signature last night. But I do 
believe that throw is the same old throw :: Exception -> a from 


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