[Haskell] problem building syb-generics

Matthew Pocock matthew.pocock at ncl.ac.uk
Tue Jul 11 05:54:03 EDT 2006

On Tuesday 04 July 2006 13:20, Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:

> Lexically-scoped type variables are undergoing a slight upheaval in GHC 6.6
> that has not quite settled, and that is what you are running into.

Thanks for the help. After a lot of trial & error, and reading and stuff I've 
got past the problems introduced by lexicals. Now I'm hitting another 
problem. I think there's a missmatch between Maybe (c a) returned by 
dataCast1 and Maybe (c (t' a)) returned by gcast1. Is this dues to something 
stupid I have done, or bit-rot between the two libraries?



    Couldn't match expected type `forall a1. (Data ctx a1) => c (t a1)'
           against inferred type `c1 (t1 a1)'
      Expected type: (forall a2. (Data ctx a2) => c (t a2))
                     -> Maybe (c [a])
      Inferred type: c1 (t1 a1) -> Maybe (c1 (t' a1))
    In the expression: gcast1
    In the definition of `dataCast1': dataCast1 _ = gcast1

The type of gcast is:
Data.Typeable.  gcast1  :: (Typeable1 t, Typeable1 t') => c (t a) -> Maybe (c 
(t' a))

And the dataCast1 signature (in Data.Generics2.Basics) is:

class (Typeable a, Sat (ctx a)) => Data ctx a
     -- | Mediate types and unary type constructors
     dataCast1 :: Typeable1 t
               => ctx ()
               -> (forall a. Data ctx a => c (t a))
               -> Maybe (c a)

The implementation (in Data.Generics2.Instances) is:

instance (Sat (ctx [a]), Data ctx a) =>
         Data ctx [a] where
  dataCast1 _  = gcast1

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