package lang

Doaitse Swierstra doaitse at
Fri Jul 7 14:24:38 EDT 2006

I had to witch rather urgently to a new machine (an Intel based Mac  
OS X), on which I need to get lhs2TeX running.

I have installed the ghc version from the page:

but when i try to compile lhs2TeX I get the following error message:
/usr/local/bin/ghc -O -package lang --make -o lhs2TeX Main.lhs  
TeXCommands.lhs TeXParser.lhs Typewriter.lhs Math.lhs MathPoly.lhs  
MathCommon.lhs NewCode.lhs Directives.lhs HsLexer.lhs  
FileNameUtils.lhs Parser.lhs FiniteMap.lhs Auxiliaries.lhs StateT.lhs  
Document.lhs Verbatim.lhs Value.lhs Version.lhs
ghc-6.5.20060608: unknown package: lang

which refers to a package called "lang".

I looked in the list of packages at:

which does not mention a package by that name. Also at

this package seems to be unknown.

The list of packages that apparently was installed with the compiler  

     ALUT-2.0, Cabal-1.1.4, GLUT-2.0, HGL-3.1, HUnit-1.1, OpenGL-2.1,
     QuickCheck-1.0, X11-1.1, base-1.0, fgl-5.2, (ghc-6.5.20060608),
     haskell-src-1.0, haskell98-1.0, mtl-1.0, network-1.0, parsec-2.0,
     readline-1.0, rts-1.0, stm-1.0, template-haskell-1.0, time-0.3.1,

So my questions are:

  - what did I do wrong (I apologize for not being an able installer)
  - where can I find a package by the name "lang"
  - what is the next step to take


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