Christian Maeder maeder at tzi.de
Fri Jul 7 06:03:13 EDT 2006

Simon Marlow schrieb:
> Gregory Wright wrote:
>> Both 6.4.2 and HEAD show the problem on OS X.   It can be avoided by
>> disabling the threaded rts, but that is not acceptable solution.
> This is a good datapoint, because it probably rules out much of the
> threaded RTS code in the RTS itself, which has changed significantly
> between 6.4.x and HEAD.

Could you summarize the advantages (or need) of the threaded RTS?

It doesn't work under solaris and under linux [1] my nightly compilation
jobs are "killed" every tuesday morning (!) for some reason that i
cannot reproduce. I suspect the threaded RTS and heavy load. I had no
such problems with ghc-6.4.1 before.

As a friend of pure functions I hate such a non-deterministic behaviour
of a (mere) compiler.

Cheers Christian


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