Packages and modules

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Jul 6 06:51:36 EDT 2006


| Actually re-reading my post  I realised I may have sounded a bit
| about the hard work you'd done to collate the various responses to
form the
| wiki proposal - my apologies

Thanks -- email is a fragile medium!

| I've followed your suggestion and made a separate page at

Jolly good, thank you.  I've looked at it.

Happily, so far as I can see the two proposals are identical!  At least
I cannot identify any points of difference.  If you think they differ,
can you say where?

Your spec is a little unclear about whether the package name is
compulsory in every import.  Under "The best of both worlds / Shared
name space" you say that plain "import A.B.C" looks in all exposed
packages and bleats if its ambiguous.  That's what we propose, and it's
satisfactorily backward compatible.  And that is what your syntax
implies too.


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