The -static option of ghc, and choice between user-supplied library types (Unix)

Bjorn Bringert bringert at
Thu Jan 12 05:28:41 EST 2006

Dimitry Golubovsky wrote:
> The Paragraph 4.10.7 of the GHC users guide contains this:
> -static
> Tell the linker to avoid shared Haskell libraries, if possible. This
> is the default.
> -dynamic
> Tell the linker to use shared Haskell libraries, if available (this
> option is only supported on Mac OS X at the moment, and also note that
> your distribution of GHC may not have been supplied with shared
> libraries).
> As I understand, this is related to the GHC own libraries. What about
> user-supplied libraries (listed in the `extra-libraries' field of a
> Cabal package description) e. g.:
> extra-libraries: gd, jpeg, m
> from
> There are usually files like libm.a and together in the same
> directory where GHC looks for libraries.
> Does the -static / -dynamic ghc flag affect the choice which library
> to link against?Or, to control this, one has to descend to the linker
> options, and the default would be the linker default?

It seems that in order to get static linking to non-Haskell libraries, 
you need to, as you suggest, tell the linker about it. I use "-static 
-optl-static", which seems to work.

> ...


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