Two issues bulding ghc 6.4.1

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue Jan 3 06:37:59 EST 2006

Dimitry Golubovsky wrote:
> I have encountered two issues trying to build ghc-6.4.1 from the source 
> tarball.
> 1. (fixed) GNU make v 3.79 does not work (was discussed on irc 
> yesterday: at least two people including myself got this issue), v 3.80 
> works. If not already in FAQ/wiki perhaps worth including.

Thanks, I've added this to the building guide and added a test to the
build system to detect 3.79 and complain.

> 2. Error while assembling (or mangling?) ForeignObj.lhs; fragments of 
> make output below (long lines wrapped/truncated, the whole file is too 
> long to post it here but I'll provide it if needed):

This one looks like a bad interaction between your gcc version and the
mangler.  Probably not worth investigating in detail, since you already
worked around it by installing an updated gcc.

> I am not very much familiar with the new GHC Wiki; does there exist a
> page on "tools compatibility" or similar?

Not yet, there's a page in the building guide:

It would probably be a good idea to move all this material into the Wiki
at some point.


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