inside the GHC code generator

Christof Douma wizztick-ghc at
Sat Feb 25 07:59:11 EST 2006

> But there are serious obstacles.  That's not gcc's fault -- it wasn't
> designed for this.  Accurate GC is one of them, tail calls is another,
> and there are plenty more smaller things that bite you only after you've
> invested a lot of time.  This way lies madness.

What about llvm[1]? It was primary designed to support GCC based C and
C++ front-ends but currently it also supports:
- Accurate GC
- tail calls
- output for x86, PowerPC, IA-64, Alpha, SPARC V9, and portable C.
- a lot of (program wide and/or profile-guided) analyses and

Are there arguments against llvm?

[1] llvm website:


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