factorial: let's get ahead of jhc! :)

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 08:58:25 EST 2006

Hello glasgow-haskell-users,

i propose to do for start rather small change that will allow to
make things go several times faster and in particular outperform jhc
for the small "leaf" loops (i.e. loops that use only GHC primitives
and don't call other functions). that include factorial, "a[]+=b[i]"
loop that was discussed here several weeks ago, some shootout
examples, my own arrays serialization code and so on, so on

the idea is that the following STG code

f :: Int# -> Double# -> ... -> Int#

(i.e. function use only unboxed values/results)

f x y z = code1 in
  case expr1 of
    A -> codeA
    B -> codeB
    C -> codeC in f x_c y_c z_c
    D -> codeD in f x_d y_d z_d
    _ -> code0 in f x0 y0 z0

can be compiled to the following C/C-- code:

f() {
  x = sp[0];
  y = sp[4];
  z = sp[8];

  while (expr1!=A) {
    if (expr1==B) then return codeB;
    else if (expr1==C) then {x=x_c; y=y_c; z=z_c;}
    else if (expr1==D) then {x=x_d; y=y_d; z=z_d;}
    else {x=x0; y=y0; z=z0;}
  return codeA;

this compilation don't require any changes in GHC memory model. all we

1) add for/if/while to the C-- statement types list (data CmmStmt)

2) implement recognizer for such simple STG functions (leaf unboxed
procedures recognizer)

3) implement the translation itself

as i said, it's should be no more than one day of work. i even think
that it's one day for me and one hour for Simon Marlow :)  Simon, how
about this? i can even make the patches over current 6.6 sources and
you will apply them at morning and we will see whether it work :) i
yet never tried to rebuild the whole ghc :)

Best regards,
 Bulat                          mailto:Bulat.Ziganshin at gmail.com

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