Sven Panne sven.panne at
Sat Dec 9 06:23:08 EST 2006

Am Freitag, 8. Dezember 2006 21:08 schrieb Ian Lynagh:
> This will probably have been made with whatever OpenGL was in darcs when
> the build was done (the binary distributions come from the nightly
> builds). [...]

OK, so in a nutshell: Everything is fine with the binary releases, it can just 
be the case that different platforms might see different package versions of 
non-core packages. No big deal to upgrade/downgrade later, given our package 

> We should possibly do
> something like having only odd second components (e.g. version 2.3 but
> not version 2.4) in darcs repos so we can at least spot these unstable
> version numbers. Then to do a release you'd push the three patches
>     Version=2.4; tag 2.4; Version=2.5
> all at once.

This makes sense, and it would be good if all packages in agreed on this numbering scheme. One minor 
question: Who will actually push those three patches and when?


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