Packages in GHC 6.6

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at
Tue Aug 22 07:10:58 EDT 2006

Hello Simon,

Tuesday, August 22, 2006, 2:11:46 PM, you wrote:

>  - A source tree can optionally be populated with more packages,
>    which will be included in the build as normal.  At the moment,
>    the only packages you can add in this way are:
>      ALUT, HGL, HUnit, OpenAL, OpenGL, QuickCheck, X11, cgi,
>      fgl, haskell-src, html, mtl, network, parsec, time, xhtml

>  - We will continue to bundle the .tar.bz2 binary distributions, and
>    the Windows installer, with all the optional packages.

i'm agree with all that you said except for this moment. although it's
more to Sigbjorn as a builder of Windows installer, i think that
monolithic GHC installations should exclude large and rarely used
graphics/sound packages: ObjectIO, GLUT, HGL, OpenGL, OpenAL, X11, ALUT
and possibly HaXml and instead include smaller and more "fundamental"
packages: ByteString, regexps, Collections, Edisson, Filepath, Time,
networking, web. This will allow to cut down size of installer at about 20%
and at the same time improve support of "basic" clocks that's required
in any program.

i think that inclusion of large packages in installer - independent of
how great they are - is a wrong decision.

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